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This is the first template I've created in a month. It is a really simple template. I named it slate version 1 as it is based on a black and white theme. The 3 column version for this template will come up very soon. As usual you can use this template completely for free*.


If you don't know what meta-tags are I recommend you to read this. If you want to get more traffic from search engines like google,yahoo,msn,etc, adding meta tag is a must. The meta description is especially important.

Meta tags describes your site and tells the search engines what your site is all about. For SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) adding Meta tags is an imporatant factor.When Meta tags are added Search engine index your web pages more accurately. Meta tags give information to search engines about your site which results in better indexing and more accuracy.

Make Your System Faster-Top 5 Tips

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1.Minimizing : Minimize the programs you are not using you are not using if you want to use several programs at the same time. This helps reduce the overload on RAM.

2.Turn Off Animations : Go to Display Settings from the Control Panel and switch to the Effects Tab and turn off Show Windows Content while Dragging and Smooth Edges on Screen Fonts.

Try lowering your display resolution if you want to do anything for fastre performance .The lower it is, the faster your PC.

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The Windows Disk Cleanup utility does a good job of deleting old Microsoft temp files, logs, memory dumps and other OS related junk files. It can free up a lot of space on your computer but it often leaves a lot of junk behind. A great program that I use all the time on my computers is called CCleaner. Not only does it clean the Microsoft OS related junk files from your computer, it also removes junk files from other popular applications such as Firefox. Additionally, it is very good at locating other temporary files.

Visit CCleaner.com to download a free copy.

source : www.xopa.blogspot.com